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The New Wave/Emergence of Shamans, Medicine Woman and Energy/Light Healers.

A perspective from one who is the observer and witness to the changes on and in this world!


Hello Beautiful Souls,

As you and I have watched and witnessed the changes going on in the world around us since the time of birth and registering the energetic world around us, in constant evolution and vibrational frequency changing in such a way it's making our heads spin! I feel

When spirituality became known (emerging out of the shadows) to become such an industry now days yo do not know where to turn to or who to go to for guidance or teaching, as once upon a time you would go to see a reader, a reiki healer, pranic healer or a traditionally trained Shaman, who was a linage that goes way back in time.

Those that have had the privilege of being formally trained by any number of amazing practitioners, that come from wonderful lineages are amazing people, that even I have the honor of knowing.

Yet out there are others, who, have not had the formal training to become these people, as they came with a knowing, an innate sense of who and what they are, and where they come from and to pave the way, be a forerunner, a way-shower for the next generation of energy/light workers.

You may be thinking to yourself, why now? Why are you writing this now!

And yes, I'm talking to you, the next /new wave of energy workers Healer, Shaman and Medicine Women, music makers, modality makers, dragon riders hehe, multi-dimensional, quantum mechanics, you are here to lead the way, without formal training and certificates to hold you in a small space, you are here to be big, big energies, big lights and big game/world changers, new world bridge builders and all of the amazing gifted souls out there!

You are the ones who have the spirit training, walked a path of the unknown, for many years now, without formal guidance, training, yet you have still undergone the initiations that would be with a formal educator or teacher. You have still had to navigate the ups and downs of life, some have come in with big missions and completed much karma, not only for themselves, yet their family lines, without recognition (a thankless task, yet a rewarding one in other ways) while everyone goes on with their merry lives.

You are the ones who have completed many tasks, learnt many lessons, gained much insight, knowledge and wisdom, to share with others and to lead the way, I hear BLAZE A TRAIL for others to follow and Blaze their own paths and trails.

In the space of knowing, knowing all will be ok, all will be alright and the teaching, knowledge and wisdom we bring, to the table, within each of us, then becomes the New Wave of Energy Shamans, Medicine Women and Energy Healers. Here to spread our own unique Medicine, Magic and Love, to our little neck of the woods and part of the world for others to feel and heal with.

In conclusion, it has taken me many solar returns, and maybe if you resonate with this to...

We were never meant to be holder of certificates, confines of the teachings of others, the space makers, the Navigators of uncharted waters, the Captains of our own destinies and the Way forward for many to follow and blaze their own paths. This is the Walk of the New Energy Emerging!

Emerging, forward with Truth, Honesty and Authenticity!

Leave a comment below if this resonated with you Emerging New World Energy Healer/Light Activator/Connectors and Bridge Builders. Shamans/Medicine Women/Medicine Man!

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