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Healthy Spiritual Boundaries and Ways to Action Them!

Why do you need healthy boundaries for yourself? 

When we haven't been taught healthy boundaries in childhood, we then carry these old haven't patterns into adulthood, the unhealthy boundaries may appear as, always pleasing others to the detriment of ourselves (people pleasing), overextending ourselves to accommodate the needs of others, feeling unappreciated or acknowledged for your achievements, chasing after others and not meeting halfway, allowing yourself to be used in ways that go against your souls knowing,  

This lack of boundaries may allow you to be manipulated perhaps coerced into doing something that goes against your inner knowing, or perhaps coerced coerced into a situation to protect another from the law. Doing something against your

will e.g. running around after another (enabling them to be lazy) 

These are some of the examples I have found in my time on Gaia and throughout my life, the repeat patterns of lack of boundaries, feeling angry and frustrated with myself, then going into resentment, as my unclear boundaries were blurred, you know the song blurred lines by Robin Thicke haha

When we still have a hurt inner child the boundaries will be very poor, you will move the goal posts so to speak, to accommodate, the needs of others, this is so you can feel loved, appreciated, acknowledged, validated and accepted within the circles of loved ones or friendships. 

How do you start to create healthy boundaries? 

You have all the answers within Dear One, time to heal the Divine Child, who just wants to be loved. Sit and acknowledge yourself, hold the hurting child, speak to him/her then listen to what they have to say, after listening, after the conversation action the needs of you. If this means sitting and crying, then cry, putting down the stick to not be so hard on yourself, then starting to speak more kinder words, crying out for Love, then starting to love yourself until it hurts, then love yourself more. 


This inner conversation can and does have a profound effect on you as a person, as you will be meeting the needs of your first acknowledgment, be it as kindness, compassion, nurturing, or even acknowledgment and validation. What you look for outside of you you must turn inwards for your answers.  

QUOTE: The answers you seek are within you. The truth of your soul is a whisper. Don't let the loud voice of fear drown out your wise and powerful self. Get still and follow your guidance with trust.  

By Dayna (Reid) Mason  

Now is the time to seek the healing you need for yourself, listen to your inner child, and allow them a voice, for you to find your voice to create the new healthy boundaries you desire! 


When your soul is screaming at you NO, yet you say YES!  

You have just betrayed yourself, trust the inner knowing as this will keep you from feeling that betrayal yourself, and this in turn starts the chain reaction of creating new healthy boundaries. As you become more trusting within you will begin to feel stronger, by believing the inner guidance your faith will then begin to grow, this is how you EMPOWER youself, rebuilding the inner foundation of trust within.

Beautiful Soul,

The World Needs Your Medicine and Majic!

Rachel The Galactic Shaman

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