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Introducing our Cacao Whisk with Solid Wood Handle, the perfect tool for creating the frothy and creamy texture in your Ceremonial Cacao drink. With its traditional design and high-quality construction, this whisk allows you to replicate the experience of using a Moilillino cacao whisk without the hefty price tag.

The solid wood handle provides a comfortable grip and adds a touch of natural elegance to your daily cacao ritual. Whether you're a cacao connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of ceremonial beverages, this whisk is a must-have for enhancing your daily practice.

Elevate your cacao experience and bring a sense of authenticity to your drink preparation with our Cacao Whisk with Solid Wood Handle.

The whisk is sainless steel, 19.6cm long by 1.8cm wide with a natural solid wooden handle for that little bit of extra comfort.

Whisk with Solid Wood Handle

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  • Wash with hot soapy water to remove all the cacao debris, then place in a deep cup to rinse and sterilize the whisk, before next use.

    Store in an air tight bag to keep clean.

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