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After the ceremony is finished, you can continue on with this beautiful Aftercare Ceremony Pack, included in this pack is:

52g Cacao = 3 servings at 32g x 1 & 10g x 2 = 52g

1 wisk to keep your Cacao frothhy during your blessing

1 Aftercare Pamphlet with cacao preparation instructions

1 Rose Quartz of love Or Amethyst of healing to infuse your cacao with while drinking or to place on your Alter as a reminder of the ceremony.


Please specify which one feels right for you either

Rose Quartz crystal


Amethyst crystal

Thank you

Sacred Cacao Ceremony Aftercare Pack

Excluding GST |
  • When you prchase this bag of goodness you may use it in your next ceremony.

    You may pick up from Beechboro or from the ceremony you are attending or alternativly if you would prefer to have your pack sent to you, no problems, this will be an additional charge. Thank you

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