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From the Amazon region of Peru, Organic: Criollo Raw Cacao Paste is a delicios and a very sacred heart centre opening brew, rich with the ancestors rememberance to remind you of the Divine within, also the cups of Australia and the world.


When you develop your own deep relationship and connection with cacao and the Cacao Spirit is deeply felt in your own ceremonies. As you hold cacao as sacred plant medicine, which is a teacher, healer and guide.

Cacao gently reveals what you need to look at to become whole and empowers you to live into her teachings. As you embody the teachings–unconditional love, compassion and grounded connection, of cacao; as when when you work with cacao in an intentional way, you  become the medicine.

She's a beautiful plant medicine, often subtle in how she works, but no matter the dose you work with, she's powerful and brings you right back into your heart space.


Connecting Hearts, One Ceremony of Love At A Time

Grandmother Medicine Ceremonial Cacao

Excluding GST |
  • With this 500g cacao you will be able to get:

    10 week supply = 3 serves a week

    500g =10 x 30g serves = 300g

    20 x 10g serves = 200g

    Ceremonial dose is 30g = 1st cp

    Continued connection of 10g every 2nd & 3rd cup

  • Pick up is between the hours of 10am to 2pm Mon to Fri in Beechboro

    Sat and Sun by appointment only.

    Delivery will be an additional cost, tracked throgh Australia Post

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