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The Weight of Words and How to Use the Power of Transformation

Throughout our lives we have taken on so much from others' own failings with their words for what they have grown up with and taken onboard from their parents, peers, teachers, friends, partners, bosses the list goes on! Through no fault of their own they have been taught these words from their own upbringing, strict parents, violent parents or partners, life experiences, and so forth and so on... There are so many low vibrational words that are being used today. We use them in our daily lives.

Scrabble tiles formed to make a saying
Choose Your Words

That describes the situation or an experience within our life and life path. These words are used to keep us uplifted, happy and joyful or they can be used to keep us sad and unhappy, sad or depressed. We find these words and the vibration of these words stuck in our auras with our internal dialogue in a constant loop! 

Words have power and that's why they are called spelling, and these spell out the words as you create your reality. As you create your reality, so you speak. At various times, in different experiences you'll either use a healthy word or an unhealthy word.


These are just some examples of words that we use in everyday life that circulate and regurgitate within our being. Narcissist, Bully, Manipulation, Control. This can also include suicidal thoughts. Also, the thoughts around our self-worth, self-expression, self-confidence, self-value. These words all have the power to influence and shape our world daily. 

Included in these words are judgements, criticisms and labels. For example; there is a person who has narcissistic tendencies and they're displaying to them towards me and when they display them towards me, I don't feel good. I feel as though they are judging me. Undermining me? And making my insecurities come to the surface. These words and judgments are forcing me to look at my shadows and all the unhealed parts of myself to bring into the light. 

When we choose to use these words, that are not beneficial for our growth or our learning and moving forward in a general happy emotional state. These words serve to keep us playing in density and not growing. Where in your life? Are you using these words? That I am making me and keeping me play small. It is time to look at where you are with your words and your thoughts. 

When you become mindful of these thoughts and these words that are you using, you can then start to change them. And how you start to change them is by seeing them for what they are and where do they come from? And whether they are yours or not. You will find 9 times out of 10. That these words do not belong to you, they belong to another. As you have taken these on as your own. This does not mean that the situation that you're in with the words that are happening does not exist. It just means that you now have the power to be able to change what is happening from the inner world to the outer world. 

Take for instance, when you constantly tell yourself you're in a unhealthy envioronment and you do not have the power to change that situation. You're keeping yourself there, however, you can change this, by making a choice, to either stay or go. The person that you had given your power away to may have told you that you cannot do anything or be anything without them. This has disempowered you, however, you can take that power back just by saying yes, I have the courage, the strength and I can thrive without you. 

Another example that may have arisen in your life, you’ve been told you are naughty, a bad person for an action you did. However, this is not the case, and they are telling you off for your action not for the person you are, you have inadvertently taken on the perception of another and made it your own, time to watch out for the words that form in every moment of now, catch them before they become a looping pattern, then change that thought instantly. 

This is what is being spoken about! Changing how you feel inside to create the reality you want outside. This is how inner change takes place, by making your choice and committing to this choice. Changing your words to actions and making the steps towards positive change. 


Catch that thought to transform that thought!

These are just some of the examples that words can shape your reality and keep you playing in lower density energy. You have the power to make the change of your words from unhealthy to healthy! 

Th World Needs Your Medicine and Majic

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