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Spiritual Energy Protection, 4 Top Tips to Spiritually Protect Your Energy!

Why do you need to protect yourself? 

To keep out unwanted psychic energies and to keep your spiritual practices safe. Throughout history in all practices from witchcraft to voodoo, they all have protection, to keep themselves safe during their ritual or meditation from opposing forces. 

You will feel many energies throughout your life, that make you feel uncomfortable (alarm bells to danger or someone's anger) or uplifted (floating on cloud 9, safe and protected). 

Most psychic attacks are generated from a wounded Ego and are designed to make you feel uncomfortable, because they are hurting. Your intuition is the best character detector you will ever have, learn to trust yourself and the feeling you receive as this will also protect you on top of your other personal protection. 

  1. Gifts are another form of psychic attack when they come with hidden agendas, this means they have not let go of what has been passed along or to keep attached to have control over you. 

  1. Subconscious agreements are where you agree to do something without knowledge or understanding, subtle forms of manipulation, and psychic coercion (not a pleasant experience). These souls are using their gifts in an unhealthy way. 

  1. Outright psychic attack, knives in the back, daggers, energies that feel off due to being spoken of in an unhealthy way 

  1. Energetic attachments in the form of entities being astral or otherwise, non-benevolent entities, False light guides, and astral implants. These serve to keep you under control. 

  1. Electromagnetic frequencies are also all around us in the atmosphere, and the devices you use can be a vehicle for unhealthy energies to come through. Power lines are a big contributor to environmental energy pollution. 

  1. Interpersonal energetic pollution: being around and in the aura of another who is full of unhealthy energies, then taking them on as your own the left wondering as to why you feel drained. Even quoting from another's words can bring forth unhealthy energy into your space, this is why gossip is not a good form of communication. Even thinking or speaking ill of another brings in the energy of that soul. 

  1. Environmental Ley line pollution, living on a Ley line whose energy has not been cleared and transmuted, so you end up feeling drained all the time. 

  1. Unhealthy or Undefined Boundaries when we have undefined boundaries within the family dynamics, this then also creates the same in the interactions with others, as the clarity of our own boundaries are blurred, and we can then be easily manipulated by others. 



Methods of Protection: 

There are many out there, here is a few that have worked for me; 

Bubble of Protection 

Imagine/see/feel/visualize yourself inside a Gold bubble, strong enough to protect, yet pliable enough so as not to feel trapped, that's surrounding you (like Grandma's warm hug) 6ft in all directions, above the head, below the feet, arms outstretched feeling with your fingertips. Keep this up until you add another color to it as a layering effect. 

Archangel Michael's Blue Cloak of Protection 

Asking Archangel Michael to come on in with his Blue cloak of protection. See/feel/visualize/imagine he is in the room with you and placing the cloak around your shoulders, with the hood being placed over your head, then all buttons or zipper being done up. Take a moment to energetically feel this being done, so you feel the protection of Archangel Michael. 

Wearing or carrying Crystals:  

There are people who swear by the power of crystals, I can certainly attest to this, for myself. 

The crystals have a consciousness all their own and can be carried or worn to aid in the enhancement and protective qualities of those who you will choose for that day. 

  1. All black crystals, this includes; Tourmaline, Obsidian, Black Kyanite, Smokey Quartz. These beautiful ones will absorb all unhealthy energies, trapping them inside the crystal, to be cleansed at the end of the day. 

  1. Blue Kyanite will enhance the protection of the blue cloak of Archangel Michael. 

  1. Moldavite will raise the frequency of the wearer as these assists in negating the energies.  

These are a few ways to create a pillar of light to keep out unhealthy energies, while keeping your vibration high and of pure Love frequencies. This does and will take time to master to keep on feeling the long-lasting benefits. Also, over time you will feel the need to upgrade your energetic protection to come into alignment with the current energies of the now moment, this will then become a permanent psychic boundary of protection that will keep you safe. 

Bowls Of Salt   

Placing bowls of salt around your home not only collects unhealthy energy, but it also traps it so it cannot escape to re-pollute your home. This method is especially good for placing under your bed, with a couple of cloves of garlic in to keep your space clear from unwanted energies. In the morning, take the bowl/s outside, empty into a rubbish bag (salt in the garden will kill all plants and render the area polluted until the salt dissipates, also you do not want to have this energy on the land) and place in the bin for removal from the property. 

The World needs you're Medicine and Majic

If you would like to learn more about spiritual wellness book a free 30 minute Zoom call, to join the Harmonic Resonance Community on Discord by subscription. 


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