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Quantum Ancestral Timeline Transformation And Beyond

Rachel Ickeringill is a leader in Quantum Ancestral Timeline Transformation. With healing through her own journey of self-discovery, into the patterns and recurring beliefs, handed down from generations. Rachel has proven the proof about healing her family lines, as well as others who have experienced their own Ancestral Transformation for their families. She has since devoted her life to showing others how to move through their healing with a minimum of fuss and complexity. She is the Brainz behind Rachel The Galactic Shaman, a Spiritual Wellness advocate. Her mission is to: Empower you to heal, to allow your Medicine, Magic & Love to shine through!

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

My name is Rachel Ickeringill, 54 yrs. old and a mother of three adult children and a Shanti (Nana.) To two grandsons with also being a godmother to five children. I've been privileged to attend five births. And, to see the passing of life. Over the years, I've studied childcare, youth work and aged care. This has gained much insight into the walk of life, from birth to death. I've experienced various addictions, homelessness, domestic violence and my own mental health issues which have left me with (PTSD). This Gaia walk has taught me much in the way of being grateful every day. To continue to see beauty in every way. And life is an adventure, to live it to its fullest. Also, to rise like the phoenix, as each, spiritual death (non-physical) And rebirth, you allow yourself to rebuild your foundations and to become stronger within yourself.

What are your passions? 

A passion of mine that not many know is on my travels I heal the land, what I mean by this is that together with Gaia, we clear, cleanse, transmute, love and heal the land where we walk upon. This may also require crossing over of earthbound spirits (those that are unable to come to terms with a sudden passing.) These spirits are counseled, crossed over to their loved ones, who are waiting for them in spirit. Over the years It has been a blessing and a privilege to develop, many other gift. These include; crystal healing, singing/toning with light language, also playing musical instruments. Teaching others through meditation and development. Being a mentor or just being me.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today?

There have been two pivotal moments in my life that have set the path of healing of self. Firstly, then others. The first one was at 17 yrs. of age – I was walking down the street to my first job, stopped walking and as if a switch was flicked in my head, I said out loud to myself “There has got to be more to this life than what we see!” This set me on my Healing discovery journey, I went to a spiritualist church at 18 and found a class to develop my healing abilities. This set the direction of my life path. The second pivotal moment was when my dad passed 15 years ago in 2009. This then made me realize that we are not here forever, and his passing was the catalyst for me. Profound inner change and set a chain reaction of a weekend workshop of more self-discovery. A healing where I was pronounced Shaman in 2009. This redirected my path once again to become and embody the shaman. In this pivotal moment, I read the book Shaman Healer Sage by Doctor Alberto Villoldo. This unlocked a floodgate of past knowledge and wisdom from earlier lives into this one. To transform and bring into the present day. Over the last 15 years, I've evolved my practices to align with the present moment. even exceeding and stepping out of, my own comfort zone.

Tell us about your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest career achievement so far is creating Quantum Ancestral Timeline Transformation, which takes your line back more than 12 generations to heal, clear and transform all of your families, debts, contracts, karma, and trauma.

What is new to the Website?

The new creation of Quantum Galactic Timeline Transformation. Here we go beyond the boundaries of time and space to clear. All contracts, traumatic memories, and other factors that keep you from moving forward in your life.

What inspired me to create my business and what is its primary mission?

What inspired me to create my business is to pass on my own in-depth self-healing. To others so that they may heal themselves. Also, to help in teaching many to transform their own lives to what they would love to create for themselves. My mission is to show you how to bring forth your medicine, magic & love back into the world, to be a shining light for you and then for others.

What is my Motto?

World Needs Your Medicine, Magic & Love!

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