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3 Top Reasons For Healing Ancestral Timelines

Quantum ancestral timeline transformation. When we are born, we come through trauma, karma and other things, including debts that come through from our ancestors that have not been finished before their passing. These traumas, debts and other outstanding circumstances all bring forth repeat patterns, beliefs, and wounding. These all play an important part in our lives as we navigate our own destinies within our own walk of life.

Deep within our, within our core wounding. That we carry from these ancestors. Have shaped our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and even comes down to survival, financial and what we attract into our lives. But when you track these timelines, you will find where all these old, outdated belief systems come from. Here's just some examples; Our grandparents have been through one, maybe two world wars, famine, the great depression. So, here's Just some of the examples that can impede our financial goals. Because this is where our lack and scarcity comes from or perhaps hoarding comes from (survival mode).

Another problem that has been presented when tracking these timelines is curses that have come through from third parties. As they have dishonored another and this person has placed a curse upon the family line. A possible curse and I'm not saying it happens with everybody, is that. They have been wished that all financial dealings never go to plan, and the future timeline does not flourish or prosper.

1. What does healing the Ancestral timeline do for you?

When you start to investigate clearing these ancestral timelines and do the healing for you and your family, then you start to clear the line then in turn will then in turn will ripple out to all that are related to you by blood. This includes uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews and your grandchildren for 7 future generations.

2. What benefits can you see?

Not only do you get the opportunity to heal for yourself, but you also bring in your ancestors and give them the same opportunity for them. Because when the ancestors are ready to come in and heal for themselves, they will come in to release so much. Some of their releases can be karma, old contracts, Illnesses, generational curses, old beliefs and patterns, all misguided beliefs that have held your family line back from having an abundant and prosperous life or moving forward out of a stuck belief system. Those ancestors that refused to heal will be removed from your Auric space and taken to heaven hospital to continue with their own healing.

3. What will you feel at the end of your session?

During your session, you will start to feel so much lifting from you that have been attached to you throughout your life. Aches and pains that you thought were yours because of how you have treated your body will start to lift. You will start to feel much lighter. Less stressful. Much happier. And be able to move forward without having to worry about what you carry anymore. These are the immediate benefits.

The long-term benefits are; You will see so much more starting to shift in your life. So, if you have been in a situation that has not been beneficial for you and your growth. You will then start to shift from here into your brighter future.

You will then also start to notice that your emotional health, mental health and spiritual health have all taken a turn for the better and are starting to heal, which then relates to becoming better within the physical self.

Through my own deep inner work with my ancestors over a period of 5 years, to really understand how these patterns, beliefs, wounding that have carried over from my own parents to me and how this has affected the family line my children, also to my grandchildren. Finished generational curses, karma, stuck belief systems and patterns are now neutralized and finished, so this does not keep on being handed down like a piece of clothing, a family heirloom so to speak. Which, then in turn, developed into Quantum Ancestral Timeline Transformation!

This has helped many others to move through their blocks from the Quantum Ancestral Timeline Transformation to help heal for a brighter future.

So, ask yourself “Does this ancestral timeline damage keep on going, or does it end with me?

I chose it to end with me!

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