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Inner Child Play Day

On Friday  27/10/23 we came together to celebrate and honor our inner child and allow him or her to play, Here are Eric, Kaye and Marisa all injoying their time with play dough, we made shapes and Eric made a train, great job all and well done, with a big Thank You to those who came.


I love to be able to bring about new and exciting experiences to you the Beautiful Soul.

The ceremonies are kept small, so as to have a more personalized and intimate immersive experience within yourself and the cacao, also to have time to be able to share if you wish to, also make your own connections with others to build new friendships.

Preparing the delicious cacao was such an honor for these beautiful souls who came and participated in the 1st ceremony of the year.

Here we all are at the end, writing down our experience in our journals, to keep and reflect back on.

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