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Client feedback is always a great way of seeing, for yourself, the value you receive from the outstanding services Rachel offers.

Reserved for you, as you are important to!
Reserved for you, as you are important to!
Reserved for you, as you are important to!
I had the honor of having Rachel work through my Galactic timeline and transform my ancestors sadness which I carried in my abdominal area, feel a ease today. Rachel had a lot of spiritual helpers work thru her too-me, cleared a lot. Also brought forth a spiritual relative who was stuck with religious teachings around heaven & hell, the energy field was so dark & heavy. We were able to show him that this was only an earthly teaching and he could finally forgive himself and say sorry and return to source. Also showed me that the contract I made before coming to earth, I changed my mind and didn’t want to come, which fitted in with my always wanting to go home as I call it. This is a very short version of my positive experience with Rachel.
JD 16/11/2023

Good Morning Beautiful Lady,

I need to say a massive Thank You to You, because since seeing you our lives are changing in the most amazing way. I also feel so different, like I’m not taking shit from people anymore, I‘ve cut out the girl from the business that darted me & also the “emotionally unavailable” guy I’ve been sleeping with...said see ya to them all actually & it’s like a spell has been broken for sure..I was also approached by a another lady wanting to be business partners & I’m not sure about this one either but my people pleasing days are well & truly over...getting some big lessons on who the genuine ones in my life are in regards to friends as well & my Dad has totally changed towards me being way more supportive.

Thank you again for being so AMAZING!

KE 2022

I really love them, each week is a new journey. I can be feeling so worn out but as soon as I know I have meditation in an hour..boom...happy

I've been to the last two first experience with Cacao ever..and both have really opened my heart.. to the point that now I am finally truly healing my many wounds. I was so closed it hurt...I mean it hurts opening but in a different..more freeing blubbering way lol..Truly...You are a beautiful guide and what you do is out of this world yet here we this world experiencing freedom..look forward to journeying with you for many, many more to come 😘💕 Vicky M 2024
Highly recommend. Things you require on your healing journey is given and you can experience the energetic healing flowing through to self
RE 30/4/2023
Today I was so totally blessed to have the most amazing healing, reading and soul retrieval with this most incredible soul Rachel. I feel like I'm whole again & absolutely buzzing...overflowing with Love, Joy and excitement!!!
KE 8/12/2020
Thank you for the wonderful healing yesterday. I have had quite a few subtle improvements. When I woke up after a nap in the arvo, I kept my eyes closed and my vision was golden yellow (which is normal) however I saw the DNA helix made up of all dots moving up & down, I took this as the DNA upgrade is working at a cellular level. The heaviness is gone from my sacral area. The pelvic region in the groin is not so sore, more work though. You confirmed a lot of things for me, validation that you are tapped in.
Thanking you again for your assistance.
D 1/9/2023
I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel This week and what a real and fantastic down to Earth person with some amazing gifts. I feel so much lighter and have lots of new goals moving forward. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the future. Thanks so much Rachel. Words just aren't enough.
JA 8/1/22
I am very appreciative of the experience of meeting Rachel. She's a nurturing soul that spent the time with me this morning and commenced a reading. This session was very beneficial, healing and cleansing for myself. I recommend Rachel. She acknowledged this being my first reading and made me feel very comfortable.
KG 9/1/22
Extremely Grateful and Highly Recommend Rachel. An intensive Soul Retrieval from my Lemurian Heritage to my Galactic Heritage. Highly intuitive Rachel lifted curses of me right back to my Star Heritage. Mahalo Nui Nui. Blessings for sharing your sacred medicine with me. Honoured to share this sacred path with you.
KI 15/11/19
I had a session with the beautiful Rachel a week ago. I feel asleep quickly and slept through most. When I woke I could feel strong spiraling of energy above my head and  in spirals down  into the Earth below me. It was quite a powerful sensation. The sessions was all about clearing soul contracts and in this week I feel as though the energy of those that no longer needed from the past or current life have dropped away effortlessly. I feel freer to be me without limitation or constraint and I am doing just that! I felt nurtured and held the whole time. Safe. Thank you JL 1/8/2020

Awesome vibe, Love listening to her. DB 7/5/2020

Thank you so much, Rachel, for the Amazing journey of Healing and Love that you facilitated for me today. You truely are an Earth Elder. Lots of Love Light and Healing.
SML 10/5/2020

Highly recommend this Lady, an impromptu healing on the day I met her, did for my headache that no pharma could, she inspired me to look more into alternative healing and is just a beautiful soul. I would absolutely visit her again.
AJ 27/7/2019

Rachel was incredible and was able to give me answers to help me along my path in opening up to my gifts. I felt much peace and joy. I can 100% recommend her.
AM 11/12/21
Sharing beautiful wisdoms. ED 22/4/2020
I Highly recommend Rachel. CC 28/6/21
Thank you for giving me guidance and strength.
RV 3/2/21
Thank you for our gorgeous session today. My whole vibe has shifted. I am feeling so much lighter in every sense. Love and Blessings to you. DC 22/11/2020
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